Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm NEW here at Blogspot!

Have been blogging for some time.  I'm not a frequent nor a regular blogger.  But I do enjoy posting now and again.  Got lucky once and my Mickey's Mid Autumn Festival 2012 was featured on the front page of Yahoo Blog under Editor's Pick.  That was one very memorable week.

Started blogging at Yahoo Blog in Dec 2007 after having purchased my first Blythe Doll.  Since then my doll collection kept growing.  I no longer know how many dolls I have.  Making little simple diys for my dolls is one of the many favourite things I like to do in my spare time.

Here are some of my favourite pictures taken over the past years.

Yahoo Blog will soon be closing down.  I've no other choice but to find a new place.  Hope                    I will soon settle in at Blogspot.  It will take a little time I'm sure.

I've made some great friends at Yahoo Blog.  Hope we will stay together and will never lose touch with each other.  

"Thank you for being a friend."